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Profile pulled bent manufacturers, and Foshan sea hung Swiss aluminum products limited main: aluminum profile processing, and aluminum custom, and aluminum box, and aluminum shell, and industrial aluminum material processing, and aluminum profile thermal device, and profile pulled bent, and aluminum accessories, and forging aluminum, and industrial aluminum processing, and industrial shaped aluminum material, and furniture aluminum material, and shaped aluminum tube, and aluminum bent tube, and Foshan furniture aluminum material, and custom industrial aluminum processing, and Foshan aluminum custom, and Foshan aluminum box, and Foshan aluminum shell, and custom aluminum processing, and Foshan industrial aluminum material processing, and Stretch bending of extrusions of Foshan, custom profile stretch bending, forged aluminum, custom industry in Foshan shaped aluminum, industrial special aluminum processing, Foshan, Foshan special aluminum tubes, aluminum pipe, for every new and old customers to create your desired product quality sources. Foshan City Nanhai hongrui aluminium products co shop has to undertake a very large aluminum extrusion based its production capacity, superior die design of aluminum alloy profile production level is the company a big advantage and highlights; complete processing equipment and high technology surface treatment process for products earning a high level of quality assurance. Processing workshop manufacturing machinery and equipment with CNC machining center, CNC milling machine, CNC lathe, precision stamping presses, stamping presses, multi-stage special drill bit drill hole drilling drilling and tapping machines. Hydraulic linear bearings precision-cut sawing machine, imported saw blade, cutting of aluminium tube diameter range 300MM DAO Qi, the new automatic cutting machine, tolerances up to ± 0.1MM, cut surface quality, smooth and vertical height. Aluminum alloy corners (mandrel tube bending) machines and shrink tube machines, rose tubes (flared), cone, spinning tubes. Stretch hydraulic machine, high light, aluminum welding machines and other equipment. Equipped with production of aluminum extrusion dies for all kinds of industrial machining centers, grinding machines, milling machines, lathes, wire cutting, EDM, sophisticated mould making equipment for aluminum product follow-up processing, earning a high level of material forming. Surface treatment anodizing, mechanical polishing, polishing, hand polished, brushed, sandblasted. Oxidation, electrophoresis coloring include white, Brown, black, also has new stainless steel color, champagne, bronze, gold, titanium and red gold series (wine red, Maroon, black, purple). Spraying color electrostatic powder coating, fluorine-carbon spray coating, electrocoating, wood coating, chemical coloring method, watermark processing method. Secondary oxidation, screen printing, laser engraving, laser marking, sealing glaze (clear lacquer).
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