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Aluminium alloy frame

Aluminium alloy frame
Product Details

Aluminium alloy frame product advantages:

1, low density: the density of aluminium alloy close to 2.7, some iron or copper 1/3. This ensures the hardness of aluminum alloy frame materials and material specifications.

2, high strength: the strength of aluminum is much higher than for other ... after a certain degree of cold working can also reinforce its base strength, can be enhanced by heat treatment of aluminum alloy parts.

3, resistance to corrosion: aluminium firm AL2O3 surface will produce a layer of dense protective film protective film can protect substrates from corrosion. manually after Anodic oxidation and coloring, you can also get good castability of cast aluminum or processed into good casting performance of aluminum alloy or processing into plastic deformation of aluminum alloy.

4, easy processing: after adding a certain amount of alloying elements and good casting performance can be obtained.

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