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Aluminum alloy housing

Aluminum alloy housing
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Aluminum strength are important factors that must be considered when the product design, the aluminum component as a component, the pressure on under, select the appropriate alloy. minimum strength of pure aluminum, while most 2-series and 7-series heat treatment alloys, hardness and strength of a certain phase relationship.


Aluminium casing processing, industrial aluminum hardness is too low to do?

1, aluminium temperature setting and control: typically, temperature temperature display the table has some errors, when the temperature is set to be set according to the actual temperature of the furnace, and pay close attention to temperature fluctuations.

2, aluminum aging insulation: strict limitations according to technological requirements, the holding time should be appropriate to prevent defaulting caused by aging or aging hardness is not enough. Blank frame, installed furnace

3, aluminum extrusion frame not too close, and interval between, particularly small, unventilated, thick intervals more bigger, tubes and small sheet material, packed in a box, the air tube put down this aging cycle.

4, aluminum 6xxx before charging other special alloys prescription charge separate from the ordinary 6063 alloy, due to the production does with the furnace when aging to take the process of with special alloys for aging.

Aluminum shell processing extrusion production out of aluminum profile, without limitation Qian hardness partial low, cannot as finished using, so, generally, are must after limitation to improve strength. usually, limitation can is divided into natural limitation and artificial limitation two species, aluminum profile currently 6xxx aluminum profile production basically also is to which mainly. usually, limitation temperature and limitation furnace table explicit temperature exists must of errors, set table temperature Shi to according to stove of actual temperature to for set, And close concern limitation temperature of fluctuations situation. to strictly according to process requirements to for limitation, insulation time to appropriate, prevent owes limitation or had limitation and led to hardness enough. aluminum profile processing extrusion loaded box cannot had key, material and material Zhijian to has interval, especially not ventilation of small material, and thick material interval more to big some, tube material and small material, and board material collection loaded a box Shi, tube material down surface such conducive to limitation cycle sent wind. aluminum profile loaded furnace Qian to will 6xxx of other special alloy and General 6063 alloy separate loaded furnace limitation, Due to the production does with the furnace when aging to take the process of with special alloys for aging.

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