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Classification of industrial processing of aluminum extrusion theory and technology
Edit:Foshan City Nanhai hongrui aluminium products co   UpDate:2016-09-18

Industrial processing of aluminum extrusion:

Aluminum processing industry squeeze is on in a container (container) billet in force, so that it flows from a particular die hole, needed a plastic forming method of section shapes and sizes.

Industrial processing of aluminum extrusion press constitutes:

Industrial aluminum processing extruder consists of frame, a former column, tension pole, squeeze tube, electric control of hydraulic systems, also die, thimble and index plate, skateboarding.

Aluminum processing industry classification of the extrusion method:

In the extrusion direction: forward extrusion reverse lateral extrusion

By deformation characteristics: axisymmetric deformation in plane Strain extrusion extrusion deformation extrusion

-Lubrication: no lubrication ideal lubrication lubrication extrusion extrusion

Extrusion temperature: cold extrusion warm extrusion

-Speed: extrusion at low speed high speed impact extrusion (ultra high speed extrusion)

By type of mold or die: die conical die extrusion porthole die with punched needle extrusion

Unit type: vertical horizontal extrusion confrom to continuous extrusion

Aluminum processing industry any good? Foshan City Nanhai hongrui aluminium products limited, with traditional manufacturing material like carbon steel and stainless steel material using high strength aluminum extruded profile has the following advantages:

1, the production process is very simple

2, material can be reused

3, save time

4, making high precision

5, looks gorgeous


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