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What are the advantages of aluminum alloy shell?
Edit:Foshan City Nanhai hongrui aluminium products co   UpDate:2016-09-18

Aluminum housings are widely used, it also has a lot of advantages, and small series to explain it for you below:

First, aluminum alloy shell processing after adding a certain amount of alloying elements, can forge outstanding features forged aluminum or processing plastic deformation of aluminum alloy.

Second, aluminium alloy shell function after electrical and thermal conductivity, good electrical and thermal conductivity of aluminum silver, copper and gold.

Third, high strength aluminium and aluminium alloys-high strength. Can be enhanced by certain degree of cold working of base strength, some brand of aluminum alloy after heat treatment.

Four, low density the density of aluminium and aluminium alloys-near 2.7g/, about 1/3 of iron or copper.

Aluminum shell is made of aluminum alloy for information of various shell, for convenient processing, high flexibility, higher levels can be useful progress merchandize, been widely used in electronic career, often containing aluminium and aluminium die-cast housing.