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Aluminium product process brittleness is mainly manifested in what does
Edit:Foshan City Nanhai hongrui aluminium products co   UpDate:2016-09-18

Aluminium and its alloys with light weight, corrosion resistance, easy processing, without low temperature brittleness, reflecting strong performance by people of all ages. Aluminum processing crisp products in physical and mechanical properties are fully reflected. Its main features are: material collapse, cold red rupture. Profile products caused physical and mechanical property for a number of reasons, mainly for the following:

First, aluminum processing formula and mixing process is not reasonable

1, packing too much

2, impact modifiers add variety and quantity of

3, stabilizers for too much or too little

4, excessive amount of outer lubricants

5, hot mix order, set the temperature value, and aging time on the profile was also the decisive factor


Second, worth discussing that in one case, profile sampling test, whether the weather be cold punching, angle intensity or size change rate after heating is standard, but the incision was the next material has a slight collapse phenomena is not obvious, says this phenomenon is normal especially inner ribs are affected by external factors:

1, door and window production, the processing temperature is below 12 degrees centigrade. Not only for material cause collapse, and on the strength of fillet weld can cause a range of effects, such as;

2, material feed speed is too fast, sound when cutting saws are usually relatively short and sharp;

3, cutting saw blade aging or loss of more teeth.


Third, the aluminum profile extrusion process is not reasonable

1, material plastic over or under

This temperature setting and feed ratio, temperature set too high will cause material of plastic, its component parts of low molecular weight components in decomposition and volatilization; too low a temperature between its members in the group is not fully fused, molecular structure is not secure. Feed material heating area and shear caused by a disproportionate increase, pressure, caused by plastic; material heating caused by feeding ratio is too small an area and shear decreased, will result in less plasticized. Whether plastic or is owed will cause the cutting of plastic collapse phenomenon.

2, head pressure

And die design on the one hand (this in the following separate description) is associated with feeding ratio and temperature setting on the other hand, there is not much pressure, density of the material sent, will come loose material embrittlement occurs in organizations, you should adjust the metering speed and screw speed between the head pressure control in 25Mpa-35Mpa.

3, low molecular weight components in products is not discharged

Products of low molecular weight components in general there are two ways, one is produced in hot mix, which through vacuum and when the hot exhaust system can be discharged. Second part remaining heated under pressure and extrusion to produce water and hydrogen chloride gas. General hosting forced exhaust system exhaust to forced discharge, vacuum is generally between -0.05Mpa-0.08Mpa, cannot be opened, or too low, are remnants of low molecular weight components in the products, resulting in material mechanical properties.

4, screw Torque too low

Screw rod of turned moment is reaction mechanical in by force State Xia of numerical, process temperature set value of level, feeding proportion of how many are directly in screw Rod turned moment value Shang get reflected, screw Rod turned moment too low from a species degree Shang reaction out temperature partial low or feeding proportion small, such material in extrusion degree in the also have not to full plastic of, also on will reduced profile of mechanical performance. According to different extrusion equipment and tooling, screw Torque are generally held between 60%-85% will be able to meet the requirements.

5, speed doesn't match the extrusion speed

Traction speed is too fast will cause profile thin wall mechanical properties, while the speed is too slow, resistance to profiles, products in a State of high tension, also will affect the mechanical properties of the profile.


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