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Hong Swiss aluminium products limited Foshan, Nanhai, Foshan City, industrial aluminium machining
Edit:Foshan City Nanhai hongrui aluminium products co   UpDate:2016-11-22

Foshan sea hung Swiss aluminum products limited Foshan industrial aluminum material processing has professional advantage, company products including industrial profile, Foshan industrial aluminum material processing, difficult and "very big section" of aluminum, thermal device, mechanical parts, car zoom device Panel, power shell, motor shell, camera accessories, aluminum box, aluminum framework, triangle aluminum feet, carpet furniture bathroom aluminum, aluminum structure, doors and Windows sand well curtain wall Crystal steel door, beach chair, LED lamp, LED lamp, advertising lightbox, party tube, tube, corrugated tube, shaped tube, aluminum, products.

Surface treatment anodizing, mechanical polishing, polishing, manual polishing and polishing, brushed, sandblasted. Oxidation, electrophoresis color, including white, Brown, black, and also added a new type of stainless steel, champagne, bronze, gold, titanium and Red series (red wine, red, black, purple). Spraying color electrostatic powder coating, fluorocarbon paint, paint, spray wood, staining, water treatment. Screen printing, secondary oxidation, laser engraving, laser marking, sealing glazing (transparent lacquer).

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